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College of Medicine Offers New Elective 


Beginning this year, the OSU College of Medicine will offer a new longitudinal elective, From the Page to the Bedside: Literature for Physicians, to provide medical students at all levels a meaningful complement to their scientific and clinical readings and to nurture students’ sense of purpose as they progress through medical education.

The aim of the course is to re-frame clinical care as the setting for the patient’s story, not as the story itself. Students will examine narratives in various forms in such a way as to inform their care of patients. The 3-hour seminar will meet monthly from September to May, and each session will be led by different faculty members from around the university. They should provide a meaningful and invigorating experience for both faculty and students outside of the traditional clinical setting. If you would like to lead a session with the assistance of the course’s core faculty, please contact Elinor Brown at elinor.brown@osumc.edu for more information.



Posted on 7-Sep-11 by Maloon, Adam
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