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SciVal Experts implemented to foster campus-wide research collaboration 


The Ohio State University College of Medicine and The Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science are pleased to provide SciVal Experts to the health sciences community at The Ohio State University. SciVal Experts is designed to promote collaboration among faculty, regardless of organizational affiliation. The innovative, web-based portal automatically aggregates and populates publication data to clearly demonstrate numerous areas of expertise across all research disciplines in the health sciences.
SciVal Experts will make it more convenient to identify expertise and collaborate across the Ohio State campus by automatically creating profiles for university researchers. Each unique profile, comprised of publication histories and co-author networks, produces a visual indication, or "fingerprint," of relevant data and concepts that succinctly describes each researcher's distinctive expertise. Using SciVal, researchers can browse profiles and search by concept to identify potential collaborators and track their publications.
Please visit the SciVal homepage on the College of Medicine Office of Research website to learn more about using this tool and about the profiled community.

Contact Karla Gengler-Nowak (292-7936) with any questions.


Posted on 13-Dec-12 by Gengler-Nowak, Karla
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