The Medical Student Research Program is a program which will enhance medical students’ research exposure, competency and career opportunities. A team of three students works with a team of three PIs over the summer on a thematically related area of research. Each student will have a separate project which may be laboratory-based (translational), clinical research, community-based population health or hypothesis-generating research. Students will work with their individual mentors but also will interact with all of the team members during the summer to lean about the purpose, approaches and progress on all 3 projects.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance medical student awareness of and participation in medical research spanning basic/translational, clinical and population health through team science.
  • Facilitate medical student engagement in research utilizing genomics, informatics and EMR.
  • Promote medical student participation in longitudinal research (summer full time, part-time M2, research year leave of absence and/or AC in Research in M4) and enhance medical student publication productivity.
  • Enhance competitiveness of OSU medical students for HHMI and other extramural year long research fellowships.


This opportunity is for first year medical students, interested in performing research full-time during the summer and considering longitudinal research experience. Such as continuation of research on a part-time basis during the second year of medical school pursuing a year-long research leave of absence between Med 2 and Med 3 or between Med 3 and Med 4 years and/or pursuing an LSI Advanced Competency in Research.


  • Exposure to multiple thematically related research projects and team science.
  • Faculty mentorship and networking Foundation for a 4th year Advanced Competency in Research.
  • Potential clinical experiences which highlight translational research applications.
  • Potential co-authorship on research publications.
  • Engagement in interprofessional collaborations.
  • Introduction to physician-scientist career opportunities.
  • Summer stipend ($3,000), research expenses ($1,000) and approved travel ($1,000)

Student Selection

Selection of students for each team will be determined by PI review of application and interviews. Selected students will work with their PI mentors to prepare a COM MDSR research scholarship application (Phase I due date: Dec. 3rd) and (Phase II due date: Jan. 7th).


Please fill out the following form for application, please no handwritten applications.

Faculty Team Science Program Application (PDF)

Students: See College of Medicine Medical Student Research Scholarship 

2018 Team

Science Theme: Data Analytics and EMR for Health Outcomes Research
Faculty Team Leader: Daniel M. Walker, PhD, MPH
  • 1st Project title: “Assessing the implementation of MyChart Bedside at OSUMC”
  • 2nd Project title: “Studying the flow of information to the inpatient care team”
  • 3rd Project title: “Patients' perspectives about the use of MyChart Beside”

2017 Teams

Team A Science Theme: Data Analytics and EMR for Health Outcomes Research
Faculty Team Leader: Cynthia Sieck, PhD, MS
  • 1st Project title: “Patient Engagement with a Patient Portal in the In-Patient Setting”
  • 2nd Project title: “Patients’ Perspectives about the Use of MyChart Bedside”
  • 3rd Project title: “Studying the flow of information to the inpatient care team generated from the MyChart Bedside application”
Team B Science Theme: Surgery
Faculty Team Leader: Ginny Bumgardner, MD, PhD
  • 1st Project title: "Bench to Bedside: Human Alloimmunity"
  • 2nd Project title: "Effects of Calcineurin Inhibition on a Novel CD8+ T Cell Subset"
  • 3rd Project title: "Cellular and molecular requirements of CD8+ TAb-supp cell generation and expansion"

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