What is PHORA?

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RIT's Approach to PHORA

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Understand previous work and desired changes

An initial version of PHORA already existed, but researchers sought out RIT’s assistance in making improvements to the tool. RIT partnered with researchers to understand the unique statistical packages employed by PHORA, and to understand the desired behavior of the new tool. Working from mockups developed by an outside vendor, RIT facilitated discussions with the research team on how people would interact with the new design.


Transform visual designs into concrete software

After understanding the interactions that the research team envisioned for the PHORA tool, RIT broke down the project into smaller pieces, identifying where they could save the researchers’ time by using existing components and libraries. To create the forms and trend charts that are used in PHORA, RIT used their in-house expertise on code libraries such as React.js. Throughout, RIT conducted internal testing before passing the tool back to the research team for their testing and review.

Final Deliverable

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