Who should I contact to learn more about innovation and commercialization? 

Questions regarding technology and commercialization and external relationships can be directed to associate dean for Research Innovation, Dr. Herson. Please send questions to: comor@osumc.edu.

I am having trouble placing an order. Who can I contact?

I'm interested in working with controlled substances. Who do I contact to start the process to obtain a controlled substance?

Contact COMORCS@osumc.edu

Who is my human resources partner?

View human resources directory

How do I obtain lab or building access?

 Access for all College of Medicine buildings can be obtained by sending an email to BRTAccessRequests@osumc.edu.

How do I find out about placing animal orders, per diem rates, animal protocol submissions, etc.?

Review the Office of Responsible Research Practice's Animal Care and Use program

Where do I go to get information on submitting an IRB protocol?

The Office of Responsible Research Practice

Are there internal funding opportunities?

Internal funding opportunities include:  

How do I request research space?

All requests for research space must be submitted by the Department/Division Administrator (DA) using the College of Medicine Space Request Form. The COM Research Space Committee (COMRSC) will review each request on a monthly-basis, to which an on-site evaluation and meeting with the Department/Division Chair and Administrator may be necessary prior to allocating space/recommending a change in space use.

For access to the College of Medicine Space Request Form or more information on research space allocation, please contact the College of Medicine Research Space Committee

What research cores are available in COM?

View research core facilities

Additionally, all Ohio State faculty are able to use the resources within Ohio State's Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) and the Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC); however, please note that CCC resources are in a different cost center. 

I would like to submit a grant application.  How do I contact the Grants Management Office (GMO)?

  1. Submit a proposal intake form to GMO
  2. They will reach out with a pre-awards contact person who will be able to provide their checklist and a budget template