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Medical Student Research Program Newsletter

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MDSR Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 1.pdf
MDSR Newsletter Volume I Issue 1.pdf


2017-18 Board of Officers, Landacre Honor Society

On May11, 2017, the 2016-2017 Landacre Officers and new members were sworn in at the Annual Induction Ceremony and Banquet. 

 Please join the Office of Medical Student Research and the Landacre Honor Society in congratulating the new board and inductees!

2018 Executive Board  2018 Interest Group Board
Hussam Salhi  - President
 - President  
- Vice President  - Vice President
- Secretary  - Secretary
 - Treasurer  - Treasurer
 - Executive Officer - Executive Officer
 - Executive Officer  - Executive Officer
- MSTP Officer
Simeng Miao - Immediate Past President

2017 New Inductees

Nikhil Adapa

Sara Adelman

Yousef Alghothani

Stephen Bergin

Alecia Blaszczak

Alexandra Bonner

Kylie Bushroe

Julia Chalif

Cindy Chang

Christopher Dall

Emily DeDonato

Zachary Denham

Jennifer DeSalvo

Jaspreet Dhillon

Preeta Gupta

Haley Herman

Alex Hsieh

Morgan Johnson

Melissa Kander

Daniel Konstantinou

Michael Lause

Hayley Leonard

Joseph Oliver Letham

Wilson Lo

Ellen Lubbers

Juan Mendoza

Tyler Merrill

Corey Miller

Nathaniel Murphy

Nada Naiyer

Weston Niermeyer

Tirth Patel

Saranya Prathibha

Blake Priddy

Kristen Quinn

Theresa Relation

Hussam Salhi

Lena Shay

Cameron Sheehan

Alexandra Spaw

Kaitlyn Spears

Shilpa Sridhar

Donald Thomas

Frances Tian

Eric Tretter

Danielle Tsevat

Eric Welder

Nicole Wenger

Brianne Wiemann

Jacob Williams



2017 Medical Student Research Scholarship Recipients

2017 MDSRS Awards.pdf

2017 Student Achievement Celebration, Research Awards

Each year medical students with outstanding research accomplishments are recognized during the Annual Deans Achievement dinner.  The students are nominated based on their work that resulted in a publications national presentation, nationally competitive award/grants and/or research scholarship obtained during medical school. 

Congratulations to all medical students pursuing research during medical school! 

Read more about their accomplishments here