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Alumni Spotlight

At The Ohio State University College of Medicine, we know that our postdoc alumni have advanced on to become some of the most distinguished scientists in their fields, and we want to highlight that. 

If you’d like to be featured as an OSU COM postdoc alumnus, please contact us!  

Dr. Susheela TridandipaniDr. Tridandipani

The Ohio State University

Describe your experience as a postdoc in the OSU College of Medicine:

"I had the most satisfying experiences as a postdoc and would strongly endorse the OSU College of Medicine. First, I was trained by expert scientists and perfect mentors who encouraged me to apply for funding, which I successfully obtained. I was also encouraged to collaborate and share my work with the scientific community here. This allowed for me to be noticed for my specific scientific knowledge and abilities which soon led me to serve as a co-Investigator on several grants. These aspects of my training contributed largely to my success. Such training and mentorship is a hallmark of our Institution.

I am proud to state that I am now a tenured Professor with a successful research laboratory. I attribute my success to the collaborative and supportive environment at the OSU College of Medicine."

What advice would you offer to our current and future postdocs?

"In addition to accomplishing research goals, it is imperative that one understands the importance of applying for grants as early as possible. Often postdocs are unaware of the funding opportunities at the NIH and at other organizations. It is important to pay attention to the notices that come from the postdoc office in this regard. Most postdocs are engrossed in their research and believe that publications alone can carry them far. By the time they realize the value of obtaining funding, most are quite advanced in their tenure as postdocs, which sets them back in progressing to the next steps in their career.

It is also advisable to collaborate and perform interdisciplinary science. One way to learn about such opportunities would be to present one's work at venues where faculty and other postdocs are present. Going hand in hand with this is attending presentations by others. Fortunately, the research community here is very open to collaborations and interdisciplinary research." 

Dr. Kazuhiko KurozumiDr. Kurozumi

Okayama University

Describe your experience as a postdoc in the OSU College of Medicine:

"I worked in the Department of Neurological Surgery at The Ohio State University from 2005 to 2008. I studied gene and cell therapy for brain tumors, focusing in particular on the oncolytic herpes virus vector for targeting gliomas by investigating OV-induced changes in the tumor microenvironment. I identified a synergistic enhancement of OV therapy with anti-angiogenic treatment.

Having Dr. Balveen Kaur as a mentor has been wonderful because she is very generous with her knowledge and experience. She is very approachable and always makes the time to talk whenever I’ve asked for her time. The most meaningful aspect of my experience was the freedom I was given to pursue my own interests and create my own plan.

I came back to Japan and I am continuing to do research on this project with the hope of identifying a rational treatment paradigm for the treatment of malignant gliomas."

 What advice would you offer to our current and future postdocs?

  • Enjoy your project.
  • Do experiments.
  • Take initiative.
  • Get to know your colleagues.
  • Have a lot of small meetings with your boss to discuss your project