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Funding and Grants

Seize opportunities as a postdoc to find and apply for grants.

Grant-writing is an essential skill, in particular for postdocs seeking a faculty position. Because writing grants is not the same as writing a dissertation or a scientific paper, you will want to invest time in developing your grant-writing abilities. To assist you, we have assembled some information and links to outside sources. In addition, the postdoc office periodically e-mails information about grant-writing training opportunities and about many of the major sponsored funding opportunities (another reason to make sure you are on the office's email list).

If you are looking for funds to further your postdoctoral training, a grant to facilitate your advancement to an independent position, or pointers for your next grant application, check out the sections at the left as a starting point.

If you do win an award, please let the postdoc office know so that we can recognize you on the site!