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Faculty and Administrators

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In addition to serving postdocs, the Office of Postdoctoral Research aims to assist faculty advisors, administrators, and human resource professionals with postdoctoral issues.

Within the College of Medicine, the scientific research training of postdocs is overseen by faculty advisors (mentors) and administered at the department/center/institute level, with supplemental services and assistance supplied by the Office of Postdoctoral Research. The postdoc office summarizes information about postdoctoral appointments, fields questions, and creates tools for faculty and administrative use, such as those provided in the links at the left.

As faculty and administrators, you are also welcome to consult the postdoc office in its role as the central COM postdoc resource with any questions you may have about postdoctoral training; the office will do its best to track down answers to all inquires. For example, if you have particular data needs regarding postdocs, please contact the office to see if our data files contain the information you require.