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​The objective of our program is to train genetic counselors by providing comprehensive course work, counseling skills, and a variety of supervised clinical experiences. Upon graduation, students will be prepared to function as responsible, sensitive and productive genetic counselors in various work settings and be eligible for certification by the American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC).

The proposed curriculum for the graduate program in genetic counseling is designed to provide a foundation in integrated genetic medicine through a selection of core courses. The curriculum will proceed to emphasize sub-disciplines based on the expertise of the faculty associated with both the didactic curricula and thesis mentorship. Further, the curriculum will seek to educate individuals capable of conducting independent research with in-depth specialized knowledge in one or more of the above areas. Therefore, the curriculum is designed to provide a solid educational, technical and experiential foundation for graduate students entering their choice of academic, industrial, regulatory or other work forces. In addition to the above, the curriculum seeks to provide an environment that nurtures and stimulates the research interests and the intellectual advancement of both students and faculty by providing a forum for scientific and professional discourse.​​​​​


The Ohio State University Genetic Counseling training program offers a traditional two year Master’s degree. Please use the following links to access course descriptions, and see the table below for credit hours per semester and other information. 

Semester I Autumn

Curriculum Schedule with Credit Hours 2019-2020