About the Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery

The Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery specializes in the comprehensive care of diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatic system. Faculty in the division see over 7,942 outpatient visits and perform over 1,828 endovascular cases and major open vascular surgeries yearly. We specialize in complete care for any vascular condition, from a patient’s initial visit, to diagnostic testing, interventional or minimally invasive endovascular treatments (such as stenting and angioplasty), open surgical treatments (such as bypass surgery) and most importantly, ongoing lifelong post-treatment care.

Welcome from the division director

Welcome to Ohio State's Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery.

Strategic planning is a priority for our division as we strive to expand our high-performance organization and workplace of choice. We want to maintain our history of success, while further increasing the division’s clinical practice volume, number of translational and basic science research projects and scope of education for medical students, postgraduate trainees and vascular care providers.

Timur Sarac, MD
Director, Division of Vascular Diseases and Surgery

Ohio State offers a number of programs that set us apart from other medical centers. Some of our many areas of excellence include the following:


Ohio State Aortic Center

The Ohio State Aortic Center combines the expertise of highly skilled physicians including vascular surgeons, cardiac surgeons and cardiologists to provide a tailored approach to each patient’s care. This includes conventional surgery and new, minimally invasive procedures. In addition to scheduled aortic procedures, the Aortic Center also provides treatment for emergent and life threatening aneurysms.


Limb Preservation Program

Vascular diseases, such as peripheral arterial disease and diabetes, account for more than half the amputations in the United States. With early intervention and expert care, many of these limbs could be saved. The experts at the Limb Preservation Program within the Comprehensive Wound Center offer a multidisciplinary approach and advanced techniques to treat patients with limb-threatening conditions.

Learn more about Ohio State’s Limb Preservation Program.


Ohio State Total Vein Care

Ohio State Total Vein Care, located within Outpatient Care Upper Arlington, is home to board certified vascular surgeons with more than 30 years’ experience in the treatment of venous disease. Total Vein Care provides a variety of treatment options for those affected by spider or varicose veins. Total Vein Care is one of the only practices in central Ohio that only employs board certified vascular surgeons, therefore our surgeons are uniquely qualified to treat both the cosmetic and the underlying medical cause of patients’ venous disease.

Learn more about Total Vein Care.


Upcoming Events

12th Annual Vascular Noninvasive Testing Symposium
November 7-8, 2019 at the Ohio Union

Course will focus on aortic disease and feature distinguished lecturers in the field of aortic surgery. Check out the brochure here.

Contact: Ellen Yokoyama, Ellen.Yokoyama@osumc.edu


Ohio State's Vascular Surgery Team

Our division's comprehensive team of surgeons and staff is dedicated to providing high-level vascular care to patients, contributing to innovations in medicine and educating medical students and fellows.

Meet our faculty