How This Guide Can Help You Plan to Return to Work

Your employees and customers are feeling uncertain right now. At every step, you should be clear about what you’re doing to monitor and prevent the spread of disease within your company. Frequent, consistent communication will go a long way toward easing employee and customer concerns.

This resource offers expert guidance from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, the Ohio Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help you guard employees, your customers and your business from the potentially damaging effects of COVID-19.

Health Webinars for Employers

In these free health webinars from Ohio State, our panel of physicians and scientists will provide you with real-time pandemic data and research-based advice about how you can protect your business and employees during COVID-19. Register and listen today to hear about the latest in vaccine developments, how Ohio State is participating in clinical trials and how your employees may be able to participate.

Listen and register for health webinars

Identifying COVID-19 in the Workplace

Health experts strongly recommend that all employees who are able to work from home should be working from home. For those who must report, routine monitoring will help you and your employees track their well-being and identify possible areas of concern.

Employee Health Screening
Instruct your employees to report to work only if they can confirm:

  • No fever
  • No symptoms
  • No known exposure

Use our ‘Daily Health Check-In Questionnaire for Employees Reporting to the Workplace’ as a guide.

Fever: Employees should take their temperature with a thermometer prior to coming to work. If you’re monitoring at work, it’s best to use a touchless thermometer, but if you must use oral or another type, make sure to clean and disinfect it thoroughly between each use. Screeners should wear proper eye and face protection as well as disposable gloves if they’ll be coming in contact with employees.

If an employee has a fever: Tell them to stay home or send them home to avoid spreading the virus to others. They should contact their primary care physician. If they don’t have one, call Ohio State Telehealth Immediate Care at 614-293-3200.

Workspace Distancing

Not sure how to keep safe space between your employees? Download our guide for detailed workspace distancing directions.

Download the Workspace Distancing Guide

Screening, Symptoms and Testing

Screening, Symptoms and Testing

Download our Return to Work guides

We’ve created these downloadable PDF versions of our guides for employees and employers to serve as a reference you can distribute within your organization as you plan your return to work.

Download the Co-Branded Employee Guide: If you would like to customize our employee guide for your organization, we’ve created a PowerPoint template where you can add your organization’s logo and include a custom introduction letter. To ensure the links within this document work, please save and send as a PDF.

Protect Your Business During COVID-19

by working with Ohio State experts

Looking for a trusted source for science-based knowledge and guidance on COVID-19? Learn more about The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center COVID-19 Consultation Services. From on-demand phone consultations to training programs to on-site assessments, let our experts guide your response to help sustain your operations and keep your employees and customers safe. Download the consulting services overview below and email to get a partnership started today.


More resources for returning to work

More resources for returning to work

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