Collins_Courtney_720x720Courtney Collins, MD

Dr. Collins' research focuses on improving quality of life and postoperative outcomes for older adults interested in abdominal core surgery. Dr. Collins has led a variety of research projects using quantitative methods, including prospective trials and large database reviews, as well as studies focusing on the qualitative component of care. Dr. Collins’ focus on research in her surgical career led her to obtain advanced degrees in clinical investigation and additional training in research methodology.



Janis_Jeffrey_720x720Jeffrey Janis, MD

Dr. Janis' research interests include complex abdominal wall reconstruction, where he performs clinical research on patient-centered topics such as proper patient selection and prehabilitation, principles of core reconstruction, skin and soft tissue management, advanced techniques to minimize complications, and pain management.




Narula_Vimal_720x720Vimal Narula, MD

Dr. Narula’s research interests include minimally invasive surgery (robotics), surgical endoscopy, hernias and biliary disease. His current research is largely focused on devices and implants used during hernia repair, including different mesh types and fixation devices.




Poulose_Benjamin_720x720Benjamin Poulose, MD, MPH

Dr. Poulose’s research efforts focus on restoring abdominal core health in patients by identifying the best treatments for hernia and related pain and weakness of the abdominal core. Maintaining abdominal core health is important to nearly every activity we perform in our daily lives. Yet abdominal core strength and integrity can be compromised by life-saving operations needed for trauma, transplantation, cancer or other diseases requiring abdominal surgery. 



Renton_David_720x720David Renton, MD

Dr. Renton’s research interests lie in finding outcomes that benefit his patients. He’s currently involved in several research projects that will help patients with hernias receive better care.



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