Nutrition Services is a self-operated food and nutrition department. We offer personal nutrition counseling and group classes to help with diabetes, weight loss, weight management, obesity, kidney disease, kidney stones and other health conditions. Retail dining options are available at many locations across the medical center campus and in ambulatory settings. Healthy inpatient meals are provided to nourish patients during their stay at any OSU Wexner Medical Center hospital.

Community education opportunities, including our Ross Heart Community Garden, JamesCare for Life classes/events and our Mobile Education Kitchen provide a way to closer engage in our community.

Campus Dining Options

There are many great spots to snag a bite to eat throughout The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center campus. Nutrition Services staff are committed to providing high-quality care and tasty, nutritious options, from the BistrOH and beyond.

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The James Instructional Kitchen

The James Instructional Kitchen is specially designed to teach individuals how to use food to reduce risk and manage cancer side effects in a hands-on way. Join one of our culinary experts to learn recipes to aid side effects caused by cancer treatment, cooking skills and techniques, as well as meals that promote a plant-based lifestyle.

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Nutritious & Budget-Friendly

Whether you are newly struggling to make ends meet during a global pandemic or are familiar with the battle of prioritizing food amongst other daily living costs, shopping for both nutritious and budget-friendly meals can become an arduous task. Although it seems difficult, this article breaks down the basics to eating well and doing it on a budget.

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Mobile Education Kitchen Serves Up Nutrition and Knowledge

The James Mobile Education Kitchen (MEK) team of Katie McCurdy, Stephanie Urrutia and Jim Warner have been sharing food and nutrition knowledge in fun and unique ways at the Columbus' south side Reeb Avenue Community Center.

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More about Nutrition Services

More about Nutrition Services

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