Who Can Schedule - No room can be scheduled by a non-OSU entity. All activities must be scheduled and sponsored by a billable OSU department, using Organization and Fund number. Student organizations sponsored by an OSU unit may schedule rooms and AV.
One Contact per Event/Project - To ensure clear communication and mutual expectations, Events & Video Production requires one contact per event or video project. All decisions, including initial requests, changes, and quote approval (if necessary), must come through that person.  Events & Video Production will not accept changes from anyone other than the documented contact. It is the designated contact's responsibility to share information from their event/group with Events & Video Production and vice versa. The contact will also be the person to receive automated email reminders of scheduled audiovisual services and invoices (if applicable).
Advanced Notice - Events & Video Production accommodates all requests for audiovisual service based on availability and given notice.  However, they cannot guarantee coverage for events scheduled with short notice or major changes to existing reservations within two business days of the event. A two-week notice or more is preferred. Short Notification requests will be monitored. Repeat occurrences may result in limited support.
Event Times - All users must honor the hours as requested and approved. Setup, clean-up, etc. is to be included for the time requested. Events are scheduled with two different time frames: when you have the room and within that, when your event actually happens.
Room Setup - Events & Video Production does not provide room setup of tables and chairs. Each building varies in how room setup works. Some buildings have groups that provide the service and some buildings do not. Please see the Event Resources page for information by building.  In all buildings, furniture (including tables and chairs) is not to be removed from the room it is in.
Room Clean-up - The room(s) must be returned to its original condition & configuration. Leftover food and trash must be removed. Furniture may not be borrowed or moved from other rooms. All meetings must be cleaned up and out of the room by their scheduled reserved end time.
Additional Services - Events & Video Production provides room scheduling and audiovisual support. The event contact assumes responsibility to schedule independent services (e.g. room setup, after hours building and room access, catering, etc.). Some services may be billable by the provider. Please see the Event Resources page for additional information.
After Hours Access - Events & Video Production do not manage after hours access or building security. Please see the Event Resources page here for more information on after hours building and room access.
Unscheduled Meetings - All use of space managed by Events & Video Production must be scheduled prior to use. Groups or individuals holding impromptu, unscheduled meetings, must vacate the space for officially scheduled events at the time the event is scheduled.
University Offices Closed (Holidays) - Events are not scheduled on dates that university offices are closed, such as on the 10 observed holidays. Events are scheduled on days where there are no classes, but offices are open. These dates can be found on the Academic Calendar. The 10 holidays observed per year by OSU can be found in OSU Policy 6.20, here and on OSU’s University Policies webpage under Human Resources.

NOTE: Any events planned to take place while university offices are closed must be specifically identified in the request to Events & Video Production. The event contact is responsible for confirming room and AV services for dates where OSU offices are closed.
Weather or Other Short-Term Closing - Events & Video Production staff are not designated as essential staff.  In the event of a weather or other short-term closing, per OSU Policy 6.15, all events will retain their space reservation, but should plan not to have audiovisual services as scheduled. OSU Policy 6.15 can be found here and on OSU’s University Policies webpage under Facilities and Safety, here.
Alcoholic Beverages - If you wish to serve alcohol at a University event held on campus at any location that does not already have a liquor license, you must obtain prior University approval to do so.  The OSU policy on alcohol can be found here and on OSU’s University Policies webpage under Facilities and Safety here.

Alcohol approval requests should be made in the form of a written memo addressed to Office of Legal Affairs, 33 West 11th Avenue, Suite 209. The request should be sent at least two weeks before the event, state all details of the event (e.g. date, time, location, who will attend, etc.), and state that alcohol will be served. The memo should be sent to Dr. Robert Bornstein’s office for approval at the address below.

Robert Bornstein, PhD
Office of Faculty Affairs
237 Meiling Hall
370 W 9th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Dr. Bornstein’s office will review the request and fax it to the Office of Legal affairs. Legal Affairs will review the request and, when all of the required information is complete, they will forward it to the Office of Business and Finance for final approval. You will then be informed of the decision. If a state permit is necessary, they will assist you in completing the appropriate application.  

For further in formation, contact College of Medicine/Office of Health Sciences administration at 614-292-2220.
Live Music/Dance Performances - The locations supported by Events & Video Production are designated as presentation spaces, not performance spaces. Live music (amplified or not) and dance performances are not generally permitted. The surrounding spaces house patient care and administrative units that would be disrupted by the noise from these types of events. The audiovisual systems were designed for business and educational presentations, meaning the microphones, amplifiers and speakers are not appropriate for musical performances.

Another option to host your event outside of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center is on OSU’s main campus, which has many venues and services that may meet your needs. Visit the Ohio State Event Venues website.

View the Main Campus Event Planning Guide.
Event Promotion - No event should be posted, announced or promoted with regards to location until an e-mail confirmation is received from Events & Video Production. The event contact is responsible for relaying all pertinent information, including room policies, to the attendees within the scheduled group and is responsible for ensuring guidelines are followed. For spaces scheduled through Events and Video Production, the use of tape, staples, or thumbtacks is prohibited on walls, ceilings, or any other building surface. For additional information regarding decorating and signage guidelines, please see the Event Resources page.
Information Technology - Events & Video Production provides Audiovisual (AV) support and is not a unit within OSUWMC Information Technology (IT). Though the two groups have overlapping areas of support and services, they have different skill sets and responsibilities. Some event related technology and services fall under the support of Information Technology. Management and support of Medical Center computers, including software, falls under OSUWMC IT. Support from Events & Video Production of Medical Center computers and personal technology devices brought for an event is limited.  Other event related resources that are managed and supported by OSUWMC IT include, but are not limited to, intranet and Internet access (including WiFi), medical applications, WebEx web conferencing, video conferencing infrastructure and user account access.

NOTE: Events & Video Production does not install software on Medical Center computers or personal devices. If a user requires software that is not installed by default on Medical Center computers, both IT and Events & Video Production recommend that the user bring a laptop with the software installed. Non-standard software can be installed on Medical Center computers in spaces supported by Events & Video Production by working with IT (call 3-HELP), but it is not recommended because computers are often swapped out for maintenance or re-imaged (erasing any non-standard software).  Neither IT nor Events & Video Production can guarantee that specifically installed, non-standard software will always be available in a specific location. In some instances, IT will provide individual users with rights and access to install specific non-standard software themselves. Events & Video Production staff do not have the elevated credentials or access to install any software on Medical Center computers. The only way to guarantee that non-standard software will be available for an event is to have it installed on a laptop and to bring that laptop to the event. Please notify Events & Video Production if a laptop will be brought for use during an event so they can ensure connectivity.

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