What is audio conferencing?

Audio conferencing allows multiple remote participants to communicate via phone for meetings. Specially designed conference phones aid small groups in conference rooms to be able to spread out around a table and all be heard clearly. Integrated conference phone systems provide even more flexibility with room mics or cordless mics and distributed room sound. Bridging services allow for multiple participants to be bridged in to one single call via a dial-in number and passcode. There are two types of audio conference calls:
  • 2 Participants - If a single phone line is connecting to a single phone line, just a conference phone will be needed.
  • 3-24 Participants - If multiple phone lines/locations (3+) will need to connect to each other, in addition to a conference phone, a bridged conference call will need to be setup.

How is OSUWMC IT involved?

OSUWMC IT has purchased an enterprise level product called Cisco WebEx. WebEx is a Web Conferencing tool that has the following features:
  • Screen Sharing - the ability to share what is on your screen with others whether it is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, website, or a software demo.
  • 2-Way Voice Interaction - via a phone conference with a provided phone number and access passcode.
  • Remote Desktop Control - ability for the presenter to grant control of their computer to a participant.

How is Events & Video Production involved?

We provide access to necessary hardware (specialized conference phones and integrated phone systems) and on-location setup for audio conferences.  Setup includes setting up hardware prior to the start of the meeting, connecting the call, and testing audio levels.

How to use/order:

  1. Schedule a Room and AV - Schedule a room through Events & Video Production Request Form.

  2. Schedule the Web Conference (WebEx) - Either through the OSUWMC branded WebEx tool or through another web conferencing tool. Any Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center employee can schedule an Audio Conference with Screen Sharing them self, using the OSUWMC branded WebEx tool.  With this tool, you can select all of the parameters of your meeting as well as invite attendees. Once scheduled, each individual invited will receive an email with all of the the necessary information to connect to the meeting. WebEx Conferences require a phone to participate and a computer if screen sharing will be used.
    1. Online: WebEx and log in with your OSUWMC credentials.
      Outlook: Use the WebEx Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.
      *For assistance using the website or getting the Outlook Plug-in, contact the OSUMC HelpDesk at 614-293-3861.
    2. When scheduling, under Meeting Type, select Meeting Center Webex. This will setup an Audio Conference with Screen Sharing capabilities.  If you just need an audio conference and do not need screen sharing, you can simply ignore that feature and the audio conference will remain unchanged.  Screen Sharing will always be available in case you decide you do need it.  When attendees call in to the audio conference, they will be connecteed with eachother immediately, even if the host has not joined or started the meeting.  For screen sharing to work, the host or an alternate host must log in and begin sharing their screen or pass off screen sharing to an attendee.
    3. For events with in-person setup, add Events & Video Production as an Alternate Host (instructions here) so they can start the meeting; otherwise, someone in attendance will have to start the WebEx.
    4. Finish setting the rest of your meeting parameters and schedule the meeting.

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