What are basic presentations?

Basic Presentations are events that require common audio visual services and/or technologies. The most common form of a basic presentation is the use of a computer, projector and possibly a microphone to present material to a group of people. Services such as recording or streaming are not part of the basic presentation category.

What services and technologies does Events & Video Production offer for basic presentations?

Events & Video Production can provide an on-site tech for any event. The tech will setup the equipment prior to the start, assist attendees with the use of scheduled equipment, then return to shut everything down. We can also schedule a tech for operator assistance, which means they will stay for the duration of the event to provide any technical assistance related to our equipment.

Events & Video Production has Remote System Management (RSM) capabilities in the majority of their support spaces. This functionality enables users to have access to the installed AV system to host their event. RSM is an option for after hours events that will not incur a charge.

Events & Video Production provides a variety of equipment to meet the needs of basic presentations. We have outfitted many rooms with mounted equipment, but we also have portable equipment so we can setup a basic presentation anywhere. The most common equipment for basic presentations are:
  • Windows Computers (with Med Center login access to email, shared drives, and applications)
  • Projectors for displaying computer and video content on one of our large mounted or smaller portable screens
  • Presentation Remotes with built-in laser pointer for advancing slides in PowerPoint presentations
  • Audio Reinforcement of voice and other sources through microphones and speaker systems
  • Conference Phones
  • Audience Response Systems (ARS)
  • Document Cameras for displaying handouts, textbooks, or other demonstrations under a camera
  • DVD Players

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