What is video conferencing?

Video Conferencing provides real-time two-way audio/video communication between two or more locations. Video Conferencing requires specialized equipment on both ends for a successful connection. The OSU Wexner Medical Center has multiple rooms with the necessary equipment installed and available for use.

How is Events & Video Production involved?

We provide access to necessary hardware and on-location setup for video conferences in our supported areas. Setup includes connecting the meeting, testing audio levels, loading presentations or other files and assisting presenters.

How is OSUWMC IT involved?

Video Conferencing relies on the OSUWMC IT data infrastructure to transmit the data between internal locations and outside of our hospital. OSUWMC IT provides bridging services which connects or "bridges" multiple locations into a single video conference call. They will work with the technical staff of the remote locations to make sure that systems are compatible. They must be contacted for all multi-point video conferences and those with single-point video conferences involving parties outside of The OSU Wexner Medical Center.

Technical information:

Bridging services are provided by OSUWMC IT, which supports H.323/IP standard-based video conferencing. Consumer programs such as Skype, iChat, Facetime and other video messaging applications are not compatible with the formats supported by OSUWMC IT.

How to use/order:

Schedule a Room and AV - Schedule a room supported by Events & Video Production that has video conferencing capabilities.

Events & Video Production rooms with video conferencing:
  • BRT 115
  • DHLRI 165
  • DHLRI 170
  • James L035
  • James L045
  • James B050
  • Prior 400
  • Ross 1213

Alternative Locations - If none of these are available at the time you need and you cannot change your meeting date and time, contact the OSUWMC HelpDesk and ask for the Video Conferencing Bridge. They may be able to help arrange an alternative location for you.

Online: eHelpDesk
E-mail: helpdesk@osumc.edu
Phone: 614-293-3861

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