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LSI Part 3 Showcase Portfolio

The Showcase Portfolio is a culminating project in the Lead.Serve.Inspire​ (LSI) curriculum and is designed to illustrate students’ development of competency in the Core Educational Objective domains ​ (CEOs). Reflective stories containing digital artifacts are intended to be the central feature of the portfolio.

Development of the Showcase Portfolio​ 

The Showcase Portfolio utilizes unique U.OSU.edu websites created specifically for each Part Three medical student.  U.OSU.edu is an easy-to-use professional WordPressTM platform available to members of The Ohio State University community. The Office of Distance Education and eLearning have created how-to videos and frequently asked questions on their website​.

Reflective Stories

Reflective stories are intended to convey a narrative of the student’s development in each of the six CEO domains by referring to significant learning experiences and reflecting on the lessons learned or skills developed from those experiences. The stories should be about 3 to 5 minutes in length and​ may use any combination of textual, audio or video content in a digital format. Each story should address the student’s development in one of the CEO domains and include at least two digital artifacts per story. Students should identify goals and plans for future professional development in the CEO. An optional seventh story may be created under the Career Development category.

Artifacts can be collected at any time in the curriculum and stored in the learning portfolios used by all students in Parts One and Two of LSI. Examples of possible artifacts and associated CEOs can be reviewed here.  Students should, at all times, remove any protected health information or other identifying information unless prior approval by the program and written consent in accordance with the institutional policy where the patient received care have been obtained. The relevant policies and forms can be accessed here. Signed forms should be sent to the portfolio program coordinator​ for secure storage.

 An exemplar Showcase Portfolio site with stories that exceed expectations can be viewed here​

Assessment of Showcase Portfolio​

Summative assessment of the Showcase Portfolio provides evidence of meeting the Practice-Based & Lifelong Learning Competency of LSI.  The following areas are assessed: ability to create well-organized personal stories; ability to display evidence of competency in the six competency domains; ability to reflect deeply and with insight on progress towards each competency; ability to define goals and plans for further development of these competencies; and ability to demonstrate personal reflection and insight in oral communications.

Students meet in person with two portfolio coaches (not their primary coach) to present highlights of their portfolio and respond to questions about their portfolio and learning experiences. Grades for the project will be assigned after the assessments are completed (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) with opportunity for the distinction of Honors or Letter of Commendation.

Showcase Portfolio Support

Questions regarding artifacts or other curricular items should be addressed to the student's portfolio coach.  Other administrative questions should be addressed to the program at ea@osumc.edu. Walk in technical assistance is available during normal business hours in Mobile Services, 038 Meiling Hall. Resources are available to students on Vitals​ Links. 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Portfolio Artifact Policy.v4.4.pdf​​​​​