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Match Day

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The Class of 2018 Match Day is March 15, 2019
11:00 a.m., The Ohio Union Archie Griffin Ballroom

The "Match" is a process that predominately matches fourth-year medical students with medical residency programs. (Other groups of applicants are also eligible to compete for any vacant medical residency positions.) All graduated medical students must complete additional training beyond medical school to receive their medical license. Since residency training spots are limited due to government funding, an impartial process was developed to pair student residency choices with residency-training program preferences.

More than 200 senior medical students from The Ohio State University College of Medicine will anxiously await their fate. Promptly at noon, during the annual Match Day, the students will end the long-awaited anticipation when they tear open their envelopes to learn where they will spend the next phase of their medical careers.

​National Residency Match Day is the traditional day senior medical students across the country learn where they will go to receive specialty training in their chosen field. Throughout their senior year, medical students have interviewed for positions in residency programs at hospitals of their choosing. The students and hospitals rank each other in order of preference with a computer choosing the final destination. This year, approximately 240 students from OSU are vying for just 16,000 residency positions in the U.S.

Medical students from The Ohio State University match with a residency about 98% of the time on average.


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