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Student Council

Student Council is a collection of representatives from all four classes interacting under an executive body and working with administrators in the College of Medicine. Our goal is to provide a voice and a means of action on behalf of the student body and to assist faculty and administrators in decisions regarding curriculum, funding, and career development. Student Council representatives are involved in fundraising efforts, community service activities, and events to develop class unity, such as the Post-Block Parties.



Student Council Calendar​

Student Council Calendar Submission Form​


Student Council Executive Board

2018-2019 Student Council


Executive Board

President: Faith Anne Roche

Vice President: Kristina Witcher  

Treasurer: Saher Khan 

Secretary: Celia Bangert 

PR: Preethi Chidambaram  


Class of 2019:

President: Nathaniel Lundy

VP: Lindsay Boles

Zach Dawson

Taylor Kulik

Wana Mathieu

Damilola Olatunji

Erika Reese


Class of 2020:

President: Michelle Manious

VP: Andrew Branstetter

David Chen

Langston Hughes

Yah Kamei

Aroh Pandit

Colleen Waickman

Ross Wanner


Class of 2021:

President: Corey Thompson

VP: Krista Taylor

Belle Benanzea-Fontem

Daniel Gage

Kevin Hsu

Charissa Newkirk

Kenneth Phi

Bryce Ringwald

Class of 2022:

President: Moneer Abouljoud

Vice President: Paige Spieth

Jennifer Akinduro

Johnny Barba

Kyle Kopechek

Komal Paradkar

Phil Wozniak

Mike Yang



Jasmine Tuazon

Danielle Tyson

Wenyuan (Ren) Yin

Kylie Zane​

​updated 11/28/2018