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Given the growing impact of climate change on human health and the tremendous size of the healthcare industry, Sustainability in Medicine is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of the Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine directly through sustainable initiatives and indirectly through education on sustainable personal practices. Specific Objectives of SiM: 1. Identify ways each site of healthcare delivery can reduce their environmental impact and partner with stakeholders to implement these initiatives. 2. Support student and staff in identifying and addressing opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their on-campus spaces (e.g. Graves Hall for the College of Medicine). 3. Educate others on sustainability best practices for both their work and home lives through events, emails, and social media. 4. Educate others on the health impacts of climate change through events and workshops. 5. Foster interdepartmental coordination between various areas of the hospital to build upon and spread existing sustainability projects.

Wendelyn Oslock

Vice President
Adam Wise

Laura Buchwalder

Laura Begue

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