My Dream is to be a doctor. My Decision was Ohio State.

Why choose The Ohio State University College of Medicine?

At The Ohio State University College of Medicine, our purpose is simple: To train the most compassionate and brightest physicians needed now. We believe collaboration over competition is vital in preparing them to serve the diverse and changing needs of patients and communities. We empower you to envision the difference you can make while advancing innovations and solving unrelenting medical and health care challenges. As one of the nation’s most comprehensive universities, inclusive of seven health science colleges, we bring together expertise, ideas and resources on a scale few others can match.

A highly ranked, top-tier education.

Ohio State students are consistently prepared for Step exams and match in some of the most prestigious residency programs across the nation. At Ohio State, you will receive a highly respected education from world-renown faculty, that is recognized across the nation.

diverse resident body smiling

Amanda Martinez

We are out-of-state friendly.

Almost half of our incoming students are from out-of-state. Home to the nation’s third largest university, Columbus attracts educators, researchers and students from across the globe.

Find your home away from home at Ohio State.

After the first year of medical school, students can establish Ohio residency to further help keep the cost of medical school attainable. As a Florida native, Amanda Martinez has taken advantage of this opportunity as she pursues her dream of helping patients with eye disease.

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Jordan Lukens

A community of support.

Our students agree that what makes Ohio State great is the dedicated people that surround and support them.

Faculty, staff and leaders dedicated to helping you succeed.

Medical student Jordan Lukens is in our traditional four-year MD program, and as a former Brutus Buckeye, he knows firsthand the impact Buckeye Spirit can have on others who need it most. At Ohio State Jordan can continue his outreach and education in the community he's grown to love and cherish.

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Evans Osuji

We are diverse by design.

We believe the physicians we train should be as diverse as the communities they serve, and that inclusive education is the key to creating healthier communities.

Diversity is what drew Evans to Ohio State.

Ohio State is one of the most diverse medical schools in the country. An active collaborator on Ohio State’s campus, Evans Osuji, has already been able to see the direct impact of his efforts through his involvement in student organizations and volunteer work.

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Dr. Hoblit, portrait photo

Community medicine is important to us.

The Community Medicine MD Track (CMT) is an MD program designed for students who have a firm commitment to practicing medicine in rural communities or smaller cities, with the goal of preparing more physicians to practice in these areas.

Provide essential care to communities in need.

As an Ohio State medical student alum, Dr. Hoblit is now a family medicine resident at Mercy Health - St. Rita's, following her dream to practice medicine in her hometown. Her experience as a medical student at Ohio State and as a resident at Mercy Health - St. Rita's has really shaped her into becoming the best community doctor she could be.

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Selena Taha

Best medical school in Ohio for primary care.

The Ohio State University College of Medicine is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the best medical school for Primary Care in the state of Ohio.

Accelerate your career in primary care.

Ohio State’s three-year primary care track (PCT) provides students with faculty mentorship and early-and-often clinical learning experiences in family medicine. Since she was young, medical student Selena Taha has wanted to pursue primary care, to develop relationships that lead to better health outcomes.

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Aliyah Bennett

The need for novel treatments is growing.

With Ohio State’s focus on interprofessional education and the building of our new Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center, each student has the opportunity to learn and train with students from Ohio State’s six other health science colleges.

Collaboration over competition.

Ohio State’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) provides extensive training in clinical medicine and research. Aliyah Bennett followed her passion to Ohio State, where she’s developing her skills and receiving support to accomplish her goals in research.

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Carol R. Bradford, Ohio State University College of Medicine Dean

“At the College of Medicine, we educate the most diverse and sought-after physicians in the world. Our innovative programs are designed to allow us to realize our ambition of transforming the health of our communities.”

Carol R. Bradford, MD, MS
Dean of The Ohio State University College of Medicine


“At Ohio State, we believe that ensuring a culture that respects every learner and ensuring a sense of belonging is a critical component of our medical school.  It’s important that our student body reflects the diverse community that they serve. Having earned my undergraduate degree here and all subsequent medical training, I can personally attest to the support and resources.

Demicha Rankin, MD
Associate Dean for Admissions, The Ohio State University College of Medicine


The new Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center will foster a new education model where students from all health sciences learn together. It will equip students with a more enriched, holistic education.

Daniel Clinchot, MD
Vice Dean for Education, The Ohio State University College of Medicine

MD Programs we offer

MD Programs we offer