Our mission is to pioneer biomedical and health services discoveries and accelerate their translation into breakthrough healthcare solutions.

Research is an integral part of what makes Ohio State such a force in the global medical community. Our investment in research and commitment to the investigative process has led to many breakthroughs and innovative discoveries. We encourage research at all levels, knowing that the research seeds planted today will yield life-changing results – now, and in the future.

Regardless how the methodology of research evolves, there are constants that we never deviate from at Ohio State. Those include a time-tested commitment to the processes, ideals and outcomes of research, and to the investigators who conduct the long, often laborious studies in the quest for cures. Together, scientific breakthroughs can happen – and lives will be improved.

We invite you to learn more about research at Ohio State and find out why the world’s best researchers come here to do their important work.


Research Training Opportunities

We support the participation in research opportunities by medical and graduate students, in addition to postdoctoral fellows and faculty. We support medical students with specific resources that include help with finding a mentor and ways to get funding through intramural and extramural scholarship opportunities. 


Research Careers

Our biomedical research scientists, at the Ohio State College of Medicine, are at the forefront of translating basic science into clinical applications. Our researchers play a central role in improving people’s lives every day. You can explore select open positions for research faculty, laboratory staff and more on the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center careers page. There are also a wide variety of postdoctoral research opportunities available. There are hundreds of postdoctoral research opportunities at Ohio State, and we invite postdocs to learn about existing research or create their own projects.


Research Centers and Institutes

We’ve heavily invested in our facilities knowing that a state-of-the-art lab can lead to faster and more groundbreaking results. Many discoveries have come out of our numerous core labs and facilities.

Biomedical Research Facilities


Office of Research

At the College of Medicine Office of Research, we have developed systems, procedures and resources to help facilitate the research process. We offer a full spectrum of core labs and shared resources to support our basic science investigators as well as resources for our clinical researchers whose work becomes more complicated when animal and human testing is involved. We also assist our researchers in obtaining and managing research funding and grants.

Office of Research


Research Resources

Extensive resources are available to our biomedical researchers to promote leading-edge research. Our core labs, campus facilities and shared resources are available to support researchers in genetics, microscopy, biomedical informatics and more. Our Office of Research staff assists researchers with the comprehensive clinical research process and supplies tools for success. We also aid investigators on how to receive and maintain funding and grants. We believe in supporting our researchers by offering a comprehensive source of resources.

Discovery and Innovation in Medicine

Placing your heart in an artificial world

Nahush Mokadam, MD

Beating cancer through research with patients

Sameek Roychowdhury, MD, PhD

Harnessing the immune system to ward off diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's

Eugene Oltz, PhD

Accelerating medical research through fellowships and student engagement

Rosa Lapalombella, PhD

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