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Sharon Amacher


Office: 125A Rightmire
Lab: 143 Rightmire

Phone: (614) 292-1277
Lab: (614) 688-1338


PhD - University of Washington
Post Doctoral - University of Oregon

Academic Interest: Zebrafish development; Oscillating RNAs and the segmentation clock; Muscle development, patterning, and regeneration; Muscle-specific splicing 

Research Interest:
We are interested in how cells become sequentially determined to more precisely defined fates during vertebrate embryonic development, and how this process depends upon cell position and upon interactions among neighboring cells. To address these questions, we use genetics, molecular biology, time-lapse imaging, and embryology to investigate mesodermal patterning and segmentation in the zebrafish embryo. 


Click here for Recent Publications 

  • Beahm BJ, Drhnert KW, Derr NL, Kuhn J, Eberhart JK, Spillmann D, Amacher SL, Bertozzi CR (2014) "A visualizable chain-terminating inhibitor of glycosaminoglycan biosynthesis in developing zebrafish" Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 53(13):3347-52.
  • Delaune EA, Francois P, Shih NP, Amacher SL (2013) " A technical breakthrough for understanding segmentation clock dynamics and synchrony" Med Sci (Paris) 29(4):355-8.
  • Fior R, Maxwell AA, Ma TP, Vezzaro A, Moens CB, Amacher SL, Lewis J, Saude L (2012) "The differentiation and movement of presomitic mesoderm progenitor cells are controlled by Mesogenin 1" Development 39(24):4656-65.