Vision: To prioritize initiatives focused on advancing cultural competency, with cultural humility, to foster our ability to care for our patients and each other.

Leaders and surgeons at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Department of Surgery discuss diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Mission: To create an environment where faculty, staff, students and patients feel like they belong, by prioritizing programs that integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into medical education, clinical care, research and community engagement.

Sabrena Noria, MD, PhD, serves as vice chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the department, expands on our mission statement:

“Fundamentally, diversity is what makes us unique, and it’s incumbent on all of us to understand, respect and value those differences. On the other hand, equity reflects the value we place on diversity because it’s about creating fair opportunities, access and advancement based on a person’s uniqueness. Finally, inclusion is more subjective in nature — it’s the extent to which a person really feels like they are valued because of their uniqueness.

“Verna Myers put it well when she said, ‘Diversity is being asked to the party and inclusion is being asked to dance.’ However, I would add that equity is being asked to be on the prom committee.

“Ultimately, it’s at the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion that we find belonging — the goal of any DEI-focused effort — because when a person feels connected, they are able to reach their full potential, which for us, in the Department of Surgery, is to provide the best care for patients in our community.”

Our Perspectives


Amanda Haney, MS, APRN-CNP

Advanced Practice Manager

I have a strong sense of belonging in the DOS because people are encouraged to be their best, and most authentic self. People’s accomplishments are recognized, and their contributions are valued. The sense of support obtained from these ethics allows us all to collaborate to provide our patients with the highest quality of care every day.


Dottie Stearns, MD, MPH

Clinical Instructor Housestaff

Not all our physicians, residents, and staff might look like me, but they advocate and have the morals to support me. Diversity of thought and lived experiences are important for medicine and helpful for teambuilding. It’s exciting to see conversations around diversity are happening and are intentionally brought up in grand rounds, and from our staff.


Paola Basar, MBA

Senior Department Administrator

Belonging is a sense of being an important member of a collective group serving a mission which I closely value. It’s created through inclusion, which allows our colleagues to be themselves while working together to create something greater than the individual.  Hallmarks of belonging are feelings of acceptance and pride. 

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