Evans Osuji

Diversity is what drew me to Ohio State.

Medical student Evans OsujiThe Ohio State University College of Medicine stands tall and proud amongst other academic institutions with their commitment to diversity and representation. Diversity is central to our mission of generating the most culturally competent physicians capable of treating the needs of any patient who comes through the hospital doors. A lot of effort goes into assembling cohorts of students with diverse backgrounds, both in thought and experiences, that ultimately lead to dynamic learning environments.

It's of the upmost importance for students to know that they’re surrounded by an immediate community that has their best interests at heart. Our student population is one of the most diverse among U.S. medical schools, and we feel that here. There’s a shared interest in our success. I often check in with students both above and below my class to seek support or lend advice. Faculty also check in routinely with students to provide assistance with our professional needs, our career aspirations, as well as our emotional needs when we encounter trials and tribulations. Intentional steps like these go a long way in making students like me feel more comfortable and confident as we traverse the rigors of medical school.

Medicine is a rapidly evolving field, and we have a curriculum that’s on pace with the continuous changes we see within the scope of our field.

I value the diversity of thought that’s shared in the classroom and the clinic because it directly influences our consideration of appropriate care for patients. Many of us volunteer at local free health care clinics as a means of giving back to our communities in a positive capacity, while sharpening our clinical skills. I’m constantly learning from others and through my interactions with my peers, patients and faculty. As students, we engage in fellowship frequently between classes in our learning communities, which are small groups that meet once a month. Action items in the groups range widely from study hacks to more serious action items concerning anti-racism initiatives and advocacy.

Ohio State does an incredible job of supporting historically excluded and underrepresented populations of students. All minority students at Ohio State can receive a minority student faculty mentor, whom they can meet with as often as they request. I proudly serve on our student council as the executive chair for diversity and inclusion. Recently we created an alliance for all affinity groups whose titles fall under diversity and inclusion. This is a deliberate effort to support one another.

I also recently served as president of the Ohio State student-run organization called Health Education and Development Services for Underprivileged Populations, also known as HEADS-UP, which works with local nonprofits and schools to develop health literacy curriculums for students interested in medicine, improve health care literacy through education, provide mentorship and offer resource support for children who are in educationally, socially and economically disadvantaged positions. Additionally, I serve as president of Black Men in Medicine, an organization that provides outreach to young men who may lack exposure to the field of medicine. We provide presentations, resources and mentorship, while also highlighting the achievements of Black men in medicine now and throughout history.

Having played college football, my keen interest in sports has followed me through my career in medicine. Safe to say, I have a soft spot for athletes. Through Athletes in Medicine, I have the privilege of collaborating with the Athletics Department here at Ohio State to offer shadowing opportunities and mentoring for athletes considering studying medicine.

I’m very happy with my decision to come here to Ohio State. Overall, my portfolio of collaboration within the college has afforded me the opportunity to give back directly to the community I aim to one day serve. I’m really proud to be part of this effort to bring access to health care to underserved and diverse populations.

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