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Our Diversity Vision

Diversity optimizes our academic Medical Center’s educational outcomes for healthcare professionals, trainees, researchers, and patients. In support of the Medical Center vision, the education mission has adopted a vision of transforming health care by educating leaders for the health professions. The key strategies used to accomplish this vision are fostering curricular innovation to develop measurably excellent health professionals, enhancing the culture of humanism and professionalism to support relationship-centered care, and rewarding teaching excellence to ensure that the students we graduate are capable of meeting the health care, wellness, and biomedical research needs of a diverse community. We recognize diversity as relating to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability.

Our commitment to improve people’s lives through education obligates us to leverage the following compelling reasons for enhancing diversity in the educational mission.
• Student body racial and ethnic diversity within US medical schools is associated with outcomes consistent with the goal of preparing all students to meet the needs of a diverse population.

• Attaining a critical mass of students underrepresented in medicine and biomedical sciences avoids the negative effects of isolation.

• Students underrepresented in medicine and biomedical sciences are more likely to serve minority and lower socioeconomic communities after completion of medical training; thereby improving health care access and diminishing health care disparities.

• A diverse faculty and student body will expand the intellectual pool from which new ideas about research, education and patient care arise. 

• Students and faculty who have persevered despite educational and/or socioeconomic disadvantages will help to increase the awareness of our community to health care and educational disparities.  This awareness is the first step towards development of programs to eliminate these disparities and improve people’s lives.

• A diverse faculty improves climate and helps provide a welcoming environment that is attractive and safe to a diverse group of applicants to our institutions.

• A diverse faculty and student body improves climate and helps provide a welcoming environment to a diverse population of patients who may seek care at our institution. 

• Providing a supportive environment to patients when they are most vulnerable is core to our mission to improve patient’s lives through personalized health care.

• Diversity enhances the Medical Center’s ability to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services; thereby improving patient satisfaction, healthcare provider – patient relationships, and healthcare outcomes.

• Diversity enhances the Medical Center’s ability to partner with underrepresented communities to conduct translational and community based participatory research.