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Graduate PLUS Loans and Private Loans


In addition to the Direct Unsubsidized Loan, some students may need to also rely on the Direct Graduate PLUS Loan Program to meet their financial obligations. The Graduate PLUS Loan Program is a credit-based loan offered through the Direct Loan Program. Because the interest and fees​ on this loan are generally higher than the Direct Unsubsidized Loan, students are encouraged to use this loan program as sparingly as possible. The counselors in the Student Financial Services Office are available to help students develop a personal budget and to borrow only the amount they need. Contact our office with questions or if you need assistance with developing an effective budget that minimizes your loan borrowing but also does not stretch your finances too thin.
Students also have the option to borrow through a Private Loan Program​. Medical students are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services if they are considering borrowing through a private lender. Although sometimes a borrower can get a more competitive interest rate in the private market, there are certain benefits and protections available only through federal educational loan programs. It is ultimately the student’s decision which loan to borrow. The role of our counselors is to discuss the pros and cons of both options​ so that the student has the most complete information before making a final determination.