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Financial Education Resources

The Student Financial Services Team at the College of Medicine encourages medical students to take a proactive approach to managing their personal finances. We rely on the support and expertise of other departments on campus as well as external professional organizations to help us provide students with a comprehensive set of resources.

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) provides a complete curriculum of financial educational tools and resources that are specifically designed for those pursuing a career in medicine. The curriculum is called “Financial Information, Resources, Services, and Tools” (FIRST). Students are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of this free resource.

The Ohio State University's Student​ Wellness Center (SWC) offers a range of services to assist Ohio State students with personal money management. There are several resources available to students who have educational debts to manage, but the services are not exclusively for students who participate in the traditional federal Student Financial Aid programs. All students are welcome and encouraged to work with SWC’s coaching staff to improve their financial situation whether they borrow student loans or not.

Student Legal Services (SLS)​ provides Ohio State students with free, confidential, and direct access to a staff of licensed attorneys representing a wide range of specialties. Students can access legal help on issues of landlord/tenant disputes, traffic offenses, criminal misdemeanors, simple document drafting (basic will, living will, medical power of attorney, contracts and leases), consumer transactions, and other miscellaneous matters.

Resources for 2019 Graduating Seniors:

Recording of AAMC webcast on Student Loan Repayment

2019_Repayment Strategies_OSU_HANDOUT.pdf2019_Repayment Strategies_OSU_HANDOUT.pdf

The online sign-up sheet for individual counseling appointemnts is being finalized. Please check back soon for the live link.