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Admissions for MMS

Program Requirements

What kind of courses can I expect to take in the MMS program?

A minimum of 30 credit hours is required for completion of the MMS degree. The core requirements for the curriculum are listed below. Each student is allowed to choose courses that meet these individual requirements and are in line with their research interests. A listing of courses can be obtained from the Program Manager (kathy.froilan@osumc.edu).

Core Curriculum

  • Research Methodology or Research Design (2 courses)
  • Statistics (1 course)
  • Ethics (2 courses)
  • Grant Writing or Science Communication (1 course)
  • Health Care Management/Policy Electives

Department courses

  • Currently scheduled educational conferences (morning review, conferences, grand rounds)
  • Supervised laboratory research

Independent study – mentored courses

What are the MMS program requirements in a nutshell?

  • Maintain a minimum 30 credit hours
    • Maximum 10 credit hours per semester (maximum allowed for university benefit)
    • Program to cover one-two academic years (minimum 3 semesters) with “in class” time limited to three semesters
    • Complete within five years from the date of matriculation into the program
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in all coursework. Some courses may be taken as pass/fail
  • Student submits a proposed course of study to Graduate Studies Committee for approval.
  • Student submits a paper, abstract or poster for presentation at a state, regional or national meeting or submit a paper or abstract for publication.
  • Student presents their “submission” (see previous item) to the Graduate Studies Committee and his/her advisor prior to program completion
  • Student submits an abstract for presentation at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Graduate and postgraduate Research Day (April)

What are the graduate requirements of the MMS program?

  • Make an oral presentation on your research to the Graduate Studies Committee and your research advisor.
  • Register and enroll for at least three graduate credit hours during the semester in which graduation is expected.
  • Submit the Application to Graduate form to the Graduate School no later than the second Friday of the semester in which graduation is expected. The candidate, the candidate’s adviser, and the candidate’s Graduate Studies Committee chair must sign this form. It must be submitted to Graduation Services in the Graduate School no later than the second Friday of the semester in which the candidate plans to graduate. This deadline is firm whether the candidate plans to walk in the ceremony or plans to use the End-of-Quarter deadline. There are no exceptions to this deadline.
  • Complete the required minimum number of credit hours (30 credit hours) for your program.
  • Earn a graduate cumulative point hour ratio of at least 3.0.
  • Submit the Master's Examination Report form to the Graduate School no later than Wednesday two weeks before commencement.