Undergraduate courses offered in Autumn

  • BIOETHC 2000 – Theory and Foundations of Bioethics
  • BIOETHC 2010 – Ethics of Biomedical Science Research
  • BIOETHC 2020 Bioethics in Film, Media & Society: Explorations in Culture and Biopolitics
  • BIOETHC 3000 – Case Studies in Medical and Healthcare Ethics
  • BIOETHC 4000 – Readings in Bioethics

A full list of classes can be found: https://registrar.osu.edu/general_information/index.asp

Bioethics Minor

All undergraduate students are welcome to participate in the minor.

The Bioethics Minor is designed to support and further undergraduate students’ learning about the ethical issues surrounding advances in biology and medicine. As a subfield of ethics, bioethics explores the moral landscapes related to the life sciences, hence offering students the opportunity to engage key issues ranging from clinical medical ethics, the boundaries of life, biotechnology, health care resources, human subjects research, human enhancement, etc.

As an interdisciplinary study, bioethics draws from a diversity of fields for courses that illustrate the social, political,moral, and humanistic context surrounding medicine and healthcare. Students seeking graduate work and/or careers in any of the health professions will benefit from this minor. Equally, students in the humanities who wish to understand the social and cultural dimensions of healthcare ethics beyond professional scientific and medical knowledge will benefit from the Bioethics Minor.

Download a guide to the Bioethics Minor (PDF).

For more information, contact Dana Howard at howard.1146@osu.edu.

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