Medical Dermatology Research Fellowship

The Medical Dermatology Research Fellowship is ideal for highly motivated individuals who wish to gain research and clinical experience in medical dermatology. The fellowship provides rigorous clinical training to care for patients with cutaneous lymphoma, complex medical dermatology and psoriasis. An integral aspect of the position will be for the fellow to participate in translational research in ongoing clinical trials or laboratory studies.

The fellowship duration can be one to two years and provides training that is ideal for those interested in pursuing a future career in academic medical dermatology. There is flexibility in the research projects pursued, and these can include laboratory-based research studies or participation in clinical trials. The fellow will be an important part of the Department of Dermatology and will be encouraged to pursue scholarly projects and present his or her research at meetings. Prerequisite training is successful completion of a PGY1 year.


  • Medical degree
  • Completed a one-year internship
  • Ohio license
  • CV 
  • Scores from USMLE

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, CV, USMLE scores (Step 1, Step 2 CS, Step 2 CK), medical school transcript and two to three names of references. Inquiries about the position can be directed to Dr. Jessica Kaffenberger at

Medical Student Research Fellowship

In the 2021-2022 academic year, we will fund an investigative research fellowship for a senior level medical student. This fellowship will support salary, benefits, supplemental research and travel funds upon approval for a senior level medical student to conduct a year-long research program. The program will be a mixture of clinical trials, data science, and translational science and can be tailored to specific interests of the student. A core research and data analysis curriculum will be required. The student will be expected to publish 2 or more observational articles during the course of the year and 1-2 in-depth data driven articles. The student will also be expected to develop a hypothesis-driven experimental protocol during their time and collaborate with researchers across multiple health sciences colleges.

Interested candidates should submit a current medical school transcript, CV, cover letter indicating why they are interested in the position and two to three names of references. Inquiries about the position can be sent to Dr. Benjamin Kaffenberger at This position will be starting summer 2021.

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