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Matthew Ringel, MD


Welcome to The Ohio State University Department of Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics! 

Are you interested taking a deep dive into the molecular causes of human disease and design and develop new therapies? Developing new tissue-related models using stem cell biology and three dimensional structures? Are you interested in putting all of that together linking to clinical disease through in vivo models and systems biology? The Department of Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics is designed to directly link basic and translational scientists to clinical medicine to improve health across diseases.

Going further than studying how cells work in our bodies, we investigate cellular processes to develop novel therapies and develop new model systems that can be linked to human disease to improve health.

We offer a unique multidisciplinary approach to reach new bounds and make discoveries in molecular biology and technology to improve the pace of new translational discovery. Through intercollege collaboration, we are expanding scientific growth exponentially.

Success in this field means applying the extensive knowledge you will gain in molecular medicine to bridge a gap and take discoveries to the bedside.


About Our Department

The Department of Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics is dedicated to hastening the pace of translational discovery.

In this department, multidisciplinary teams of researchers focus on fostering translational research and education in the areas of foundational therapeutics, stem cell biology and engineered structures, and molecular medicine. They study molecular mechanisms and genomic changes that contribute to pathology. And they aim to use this information to develop new therapies and model systems that can be linked to human disease for translation into clinical research level.

Dedicated to the design, development and validation of novel therapies for disease, this department’s team will speed up the process of turning new discoveries into treatments. The department also provides greater flexibility to support multiple diseases and areas of medicine. 

Our Mission

To develop and discover new therapies and model systems and apply them to disease models to improve health through collaboration.


Our Vision

To create and develop a basic science department emphasizing fundamental science that can foster translational research and education through collaboration and synergies within the broader Ohio State environment.


Areas of Emphasis:

  • Foundational Therapeutics: Design, develop and validate therapies for disease using novel methods and models to improve translational research.
  • Regenerative Medicine: Advance programs in stem cell biology and tissue engineering across diseases.
  • Molecular Medicine: Advance fundamental biology to whole organ/body models and clinical correlates using preclinical modeling and systems biology approaches.