2021-2022-Interns-CollageOhio State’s Department of Surgery has developed a wide range of training opportunities so that our graduates are able to develop all of the core competencies needed to be strong medical leaders. Ohio State’s newest class of surgery interns will enjoy world-class facilities and access to cutting-edge technology not frequently available elsewhere. Mentors and OR coaches guide our interns as they handle varied cases, from simple to complex, in different medical settings, including our nine Ohio State Wexner Medical Center hospitals, outpatient locations, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and rural settings. They can also gain international experience in both high-and low-income countries through our Global Surgery program.

Our goal is to help each intern identify and develop their own passions within the field of surgery. Our well-funded research program — we are now #4 in National Institute of Health funding — and nearly unlimited partnership opportunities with experts across the medical center and other departments at one of the nation’s largest universities provide plenty of occasions for collaboration and project development.

Incoming intern Daniel Chopyk, MD, PhD, explains, “I chose Ohio State due to its quality of clinical training and ample support for basic and translational research. More importantly, Ohio State has demonstrated an upward trajectory in its research funding and initiatives over the past decade which continues today, whereas many other programs have remained content and complacent with where they currently are.”

Fellow new intern Diamantis Tsilimigras, MD, adds, “Although much could be said about the strengths of this program, Ohio State provides everything that someone needs to reach his or her maximum potential as a clinician, surgeon and researcher. That’s what I valued the most in this program and why I chose Ohio State for my training.”

Our interns can enjoy a rich experience outside of the hospital as well, as Columbus is the 14th largest city in the nation with many entertainment and recreation activities. “Columbus in April reminded me of the DC area, where I grew up,” says Stefanie Rohde, MD. “I loved all the greenery. I can not wait to make it home for the next seven years!”

Equally important is our emphasis on resident health and wellness. “I am amazed by the friendly atmosphere in this program, the wellness and the support the residents get,” says incoming intern Khaled Dibs, MD. Additionally, Shachi Srivatsa, MD, appreciated our intentional approach to couples matching with several sessions organized specifically for couples during interviews. Her partner also matched at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and as she explains, “It was very clear that family wellbeing was a value held dear here. Combined with the excellence in training for both of us and the emphasis on well-being, it was an easy decision for my partner and me to rank The Ohio State University No. 1, and we are so thankful to have matched here together!”

And sometimes it’s an intangible feeling or a connection that seals the Buckeye deal. Dr. Tsilimigras first came to Ohio State 2½ years ago to pursue a research fellowship. On his first day on campus, he was struck by the Ohio State College of Medicine logo, which has a Greek phrase on it that means “Excel in Medicine.” He explains, “As a native Greek, I immediately fell in love with this place and knew it would hold a special place in my heart.”

The Ohio State Department of Surgery looks forward to welcoming our 2021-22 general surgery residency intern class to Columbus this summer. The class includes:

  • Categoricals – Patrick Bou-Samra, MD; Daniel Chopyk, MD, PhD; Ayanna Jacobs, MD; Stefanie Rohde, MD; Shachi Srivatsa, MD; Diamantis Tsilimigras, MD; and Alison Whalen, MD
  • Preliminaries – Khaled Dibs, MD; Christopher Gilliam, MD; Joseph Hoying, MD; and Allen Yi, MD