AorticProcedureAn innovative device could be a game-changer in aortic surgery. Our experts believe the advanced engineering and technology will greatly expand the minimally invasive treatment options available for our patients with complex aneurysms and allow some to avoid major surgery.

For the procedure, the surgical team used a new type of stent graft: the GORE EXCLUDER Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE). Ohio State is one of the few hospitals participating in the clinical trial to gain FDA approval for TAMBE as the first commercially available ready-made device. Currently, our surgeons rely on custom-made devices, which can significantly delay surgery for patients suffering from this life-threatening condition. However, this may prove an important advancement.

Ohio State surgeons performed the first surgery using this device in October 2020. The patient required only three small incisions and was hospitalized just six days. Traditional open aortic repair surgery with a large incision typically requires 10 to 14 days in the hospital.

“Recovery went well for our first patient, and we anticipate hospitalization time will be even shorter for others,” says Jovan Bozinovski, MD, who participated in the surgery and is co-director of the Aortic Center at Ohio State. “The great collaborative effort we have here among the surgeons, nurses, allied staff and industry make technically challenging and remarkable treatments such as this possible for people in our region.”

The TAMBE clinical trial is expected to continue at Ohio State for the next two years.