EducationFor PGY4 and 5 rotations on surgical oncology, hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery and the Zollinger general surgery services, Ohio State has created a modified apprenticeship model that allows both residents and fellows to work directly with a faculty member in clinic and during operations or scoping procedures.

“Establishing this direct working relationship creates a remarkably effective atmosphere for open dialogue, frequent feedback and more rapid mastery of advanced skills,” explains Kelly Haisley, MD, assistant program director of Wellness, Learning Environment and Duty Hours. “It also improves our ability to really target each individual’s training to their specific areas of interest. It creates a real give-and-take dynamic that serves as a powerful training tool.”

The Department of Surgery formally groups residents for didactics and mentorship – an approach that is similar to the learning community models used in many medical schools. Rather than isolating residents by class, this approach combines residents from all classes to promote vertical mentoring and relationships across the entire residency program.

“We’ve already used this cross-class model for didactics and will now begin applying it to small-group wellness events as well,” says Dr. Haisley. “It’s proven beneficial in boosting resident engagement levels and promoting accountability, so expanding this approach was an obvious way to improve our crucial wellness initiatives.”