The Doctor of Medicine/Master of Business Administration (MD/MBA) prepares future physicians to meet the challenges of business administration and financial issues in the practice of medicine in physician offices, hospitals and healthcare systems. The MD/MBA can be completed within five years of beginning study.
  • Years 1 and 2 are spent completing the preclinical studies in the medical curriculum and passing Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The MD/MBA candidate should apply to the MBA program during fall quarter of his or her second year in medical school. This includes taking the GMAT exam and submitting an MBA application. (The latter fee is waived).
  • Year 3 is devoted to full-time graduate study in the MBA curriculum.
  • Year 4, the student returns to the medical school curriculum for the third-year clinical clerkships.
  • Year 5 focuses on completion of fourth-year electives and rotations for the MD degree and remaining credit hours for the MBA.
Interested students must also complete an application form provided by the College of Medicine through the Associate Dean for Medical Education.