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The Jameson Crane Sports Medicine Institute
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Columbus, Ohio  43202
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I completed my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at The Ohio State University and then started graduate work in biomedical engineering. I liked working with people and the medical field so much, I decided to switch career paths and go into medicine. The following year I attended Medical College of Ohio for medical school. I did my residency at Flower Hospital in Sylvania, Ohio in family medicine and followed that with sports medicine fellowship at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. When I was done with my fellowship I was lukcy to be able to return to The Ohio State university to start my career in Sports Medicine.

I have been with Ohio State since the beginning of my career and love the University and people associated with it. While here I have had the privilege of working with all types of athletes from the weekend warriors to the Division 1 varsity athletes at the University.

Current Research Projects

We are currently looking at how musculoskeletal ultrasound an augment the teaching of our medical students, residents and fellows.

Education and Training

MD: Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo Medical School)
Postgraduate Education/Training: Masters work in Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
Residency: Flower Hospital, Sylvania, Ohio
Fellowship: Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan

Select Publications

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Professional Memberships

  • AAFP

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