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Dr. Erin McConnell is currently pursuing her Masters in Medical Humanities and has a strong research interest in this topic and also medical education. Dr. McConnell specializes in preventative care and encourages patients to learn about their care. Dr. McConnell is actively involved in current research for OSU’s College of Medicine Advanced Competency titled “From the Page to the Bedside” regarding protective effects for empathy and against burnout in medical students over the four-year course of study. In addition, she is a member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council at Ohio State.

Education and Training

  • Master of Arts in Medical Humanities, The Ohio State University
  • Medical Resident: Internal Medicine, Pediatric Residency - Wright State University
  • MD: Doctor of Medicine - Wright State University

Selected Abstracts and Publications

Humanities Medicine: Literature Coursework Reduces Burnout in a Two-Year Clinical Study of Medical School Students – current.

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