Childerhose_Janet_720x720Division of General Internal Medicine
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
2050 Kenny Road
Columbus, Ohio 43212

Dr. Janet Childerhose is a medical anthropologist and bioethics researcher who investigates the ethics and implementation of harm reduction strategies to prevent fatal overdose at the point of consumption in the United States and Canada. She has a longstanding interest in how physicians navigate ethical challenges in delivering care, particularly in treating acute pain in sickle cell patients during an opioid deprescribing era. She uses comparative, qualitative, and historical methods, and has experience with survey research and systematic and narrative reviews.

Current Projects

  • Fentanyl Test Strip Use and Overdose Risk Reduction Behaviors Among People Who Use Drugs in HCS Communities (Funder: NIH NIDA, 5UM1DA049417-04. Role: MPI and Ohio Site Lead)
  • Where Do Franklin County Residents Overdose and What Supports Do They Need?  (Funders: HOMES Microgrant Program, The SOAR Initiative / SAMHSA. Role: PI)
  • The Ethics of “Staying Safe”: A Bioethical Assessment of Safe Supply Models (Role: PI)
  • A Novel Approach to Designing Harm Reduction Tools Directly Informed by the Needs of Users (Role: MPI)
  • Development of a Mobile Application to Train Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in Mindfulness-Based Pain Management (Funder: Care Innovation and Community Improvement Program. Role: Co-I)

Education and Training

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology
  • Department of Anthropology, McGill University (Montreal QC). Specialization: Medical Anthropology. 
  • Master of Arts, History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. University of Toronto (Toronto ON)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. University of Waterloo (Waterloo ON)

Selected Publications

Crossnohere NL, Childerhose JE, Bose-Brill S. (2022).  Increasing the patient-centeredness of predictive analytics tools. Patient 15(6):615-617. PMID: 36053486.

Bose Brill S, O’Rourke B, Moss K, Lockwood B, S Scheck McAlearney A, Howard D, Childerhose J, Crossnohere N, Bridges J. (2022). Integrating Primary Care and Public Health for Advance Care Planning. The American Journal of Accountable Care 10(1):31-37.

Walker DM, Childerhose JE, Chen S, et al. (2022). Exploring perspectives on changing opioid prescribing practices: A qualitative study of community stakeholders in the HEALing Communities Study. Drug Alcohol Depend. 233:109342. PMID: 35151024.

Childerhose JE … Brothers KB. (2021). The therapeutic odyssey: Positioning genomic sequencing in the search for a child’s best possible life. AJOB Empir Bioeth. PMID: 33843487.

Childerhose JE. Finnila C, Yu JH, Brothers K, et al. (2019). Participant Engagement in Translational Genomics Research: Respect for Persons—and Then Some.  Ethics & Human Research 41(5)(Sept-Oct).

Childerhose JE, Eneli I, Steele KE.  (2018). Adolescent bariatric surgery: A qualitative exploratory study of US patient perspectives. Clin Obes 8(5):345-354.

Childerhose JE, Alsamawi A, Mehta T, Smith J, Woolford S, Tarini BA. (2017). Adolescent bariatric surgery: A systematic review of recommendation documents. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 13(10)(October):1768-1779.

Childerhose JE, Tarini BA. (2015). Understanding outcomes in adolescent bariatric surgery. Pediatrics 136(2):e212-214(August). doi: 10.1542/peds.2015-0867.

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