Sarah MacEwan, MDDivision of General Internal Medicine
Ohio State University College of Medicine
700 Ackerman Rd
Columbus, OH 43202

Dr. MacEwan is a health services researcher focused on enhancing patient engagement through the use of health technologies and improving equitable use of patient-facing health technology tools. To achieve these objectives, Dr. MacEwan utilizes a multi-level mixed-methods approach that considers the perspectives of patients, providers, healthcare organizations, and community partners. She is particularly interested in how health technologies can influence the management of health conditions through the communication and comprehension of patient-generated data and the impact of this data on shared decision making and health behaviors. Her work aims to address inequities in health technology use related to factors such as geographic location, age and self-efficacy.

Dr. MacEwan received her PhD in biomedical engineering from Duke University and conducted postdoctoral research in molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. Her research as a biomedical engineer focused on the development of biomaterial systems for targeted cancer therapy and immunomodulation in autoimmunity. Before joining the Division of General Internal Medicine, Dr. MacEwan was a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for the Advancement of Team Science, Analytics, and Systems Thinking (CATALYST) in The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Education and Training

  • Postdoctoral Training in Health Services Research, Center for the Advancement of Team Science, Analytics, and Systems Thinking (CATALYST), The Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio
  • Postdoctoral Training in Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois
  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Duke University – Durham, North Carolina
  • BS in Biomedical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University – Cleveland, Ohio

Selected Publications and Presentations

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