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Dr. Li’s clinical and research focus is on providing primary care for cystic fibrosis (CF) patients, and understanding major limitations for their long-term mortality in the era of highly effective modulator therapy. This interest started when she first became fascinated by the disease and patients during residency training. After graduating from residency, she spent two years working at the Nationwide Children’s Adult Cystic Fibrosis Center as an adult CF provider. There, she came to more intimately learn the disease and its common complications. 

With tremendous advances made within the field of CF over the past 10 years, there are now more adults than children living with CF. Her goal is to understand the new determinants of morbidity and mortality for this patient population in this new and exciting era of CF history. Her focus is on preventative medicine and extra-pulmonary disease. Clinically, this uniquely positions her to be a primary care physician with CF expertise, allowing her to provide primary care home for over 60 CF patients. 

She also created the first cystic fibrosis care network in the country: a multidisciplinary network that focuses on providing comprehensive, timely, and patient-centered care for adults with cystic fibrosis. This concept is centered around primary care and the adult CF center, with a close network of specialists who are experts of common extra-pulmonary complications of CF. The ultimate goal is to develop a group of providers with CF expertise who work collaboratively and in a multidisciplinary fashion to become an adult CF patient’s medical home and care network. 

From a research standpoint, her research focuses on preventative services use, transition, cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis related diabetes mellitus, pregnancy and pregnancy-related complications, breastfeeding, CF GI disease, dermatologic complications, among many other topics. She is also involved in multi-center studies focusing on similar outcomes. 


Education and Training

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Residency

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, Doctor of Medicine

Davidson College, Davidson, NC, Bachelors of Science in Chemistry


In the Media

Large Rise in Pregnancies With Trikafta Seen at Nationwide Children’s

Select Publications 

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Select Presentations

Li SS, Patel AV, Heintz J, Nance A, Rice A, Sakellaris K, Gemma S, Blanton SP, Johnson M, Stephan EM, Kirkby SE. “Pregnancy and outcomes in the era of CFTR modulators and COVID-19 pandemic.” Oral presentation, North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference.  11/3/21.


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