Elaine Mardis, PhD, completed her BS and PhD at the University of Oklahoma. She is a Professor of Neurological Surgery at the Ohio State University. She is Co-Director of the Institute of Genomic Medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Her work identifies personalized therapeutic approaches to fighting an individual’s cancer by determining common driver mutations/genes and pathways that can cause cancer to develop and progress.

Dr. Mardis is the co-holder of five U.S. patents, including her most recent one for patient-specific, mutation-directed immunotherapy for cancer. She has co-authored more than 350 articles in well-respected publications, including Cell, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Blood and Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. She was recently elected to the National Academy of Science and is the President of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Research Interests

  • Cancer Genomics


PhD: University of Oklahoma