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College Recognizes Outstanding Students 


A handful of students from The Ohio State University College of Medicine will be recognized at the annual Dean’s Scholarship Dinner on September 21. New College of Medicine dean, Charles J. Lockwood, MD, MHCM, along with other college deans will recognize a total of 50 students for their outstanding performance in the categories of leadership, professionalism, excellence, and academic achievement.

Sixteen of the 50 students will be recognized for their excellence in leadership. Students honored with a leadership award served in leadership roles that called upon their abilities to lead an organization in innovative ways, propelling the organization to excellence. Scholars receiving this honor reflect a personal commitment to the medical profession, to valuing the leadership abilities of others and to the core values of the medical profession.

Another 15 students will be recognized for their excellence in professionalism. Students receiving a professionalism scholarship have demonstrated exemplary behavior in the areas of altruism, compassion, integrity, honesty, service, respect for the medical team, responsibility and accountability by way of a leadership role in the professionalism initiatives at the College of Medicine and/or OSU Medical Center.
Of the 50 students, seven will be recognized with an excellence award for their high marks in certain coursework during their first and second years of the curriculum.
The final 12 students will be congratulated on receiving an admission scholarship. The admission award recognizes those students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and have been involved in a variety of experiences, activities and leadership roles prior to entering medical school.
Made possible through generous donations and College of Medicine funding, the scholarships will help students pay fees and tuition during their four-year programs.
Also featured at the dinner will be a speech given to students by the father of a former OSU Medical Center patient. The speech will provide inspiration and motivation to scholars as they continue on their path to becoming physicians.
A total of 17 faculty members will be in attendance, including Charles J. Lockwood, MD, Dean of the OSU College of Medicine, Quinn Capers, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions, Joanne Lynne, MD, Associate Dean for Student Life, Daniel M. Clinchot, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Education, Robert Ruberg, MD, Interim Vice Dean for Medical Education, and Leon McDougle, MD, Associate Dean for the Office for Diversity and Inclusion.



Posted on 16-Sep-11 by Maloon, Adam
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