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COM Students Make Peer-to-Peer Education a Success 


At The Ohio State University College of Medicine, teamwork is one of the foundational skills stressed upon students as they begin or continue their path through medical school. At the College of Medicine, a group of senior students has developed a program to help with peer-to-peer education for first year medical students.

The Peer Education Group, headed by Jonathan Ramsey and supported through the Office of Student Life, is comprised of mostly second-year medical students. The students have recruited a team which puts on practice exams for anatomy, group review sessions, and Q & A sessions. The student group is currently working on organizing one-on-one tutoring, as well as small group review sessions.

Some of the students participating in the Peer Education Group may eventually parlay their work into credit for a longitudinal medical education elective.

The effort to develop peer-to-peer education at the Ohio State College of Medicine has expanded greatly over the past couple of years. A collaborative effort from both the students participating in the program and faculty members has made peer-to-peer education a success.


Posted on 12-Oct-11 by Geier, Eric
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