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Medical Student Expresses Gratitude to Alumni Community for Scholarship Support 


​“Thank You” from Alumni Society Scholarship Recipient, Melissa Mauntel

Melissa Mauntel, a first year medical student originally from Fairfield, Ohio, received the 2012 Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship, an endowment supported by a strong network of Ohio State physician alumni. “I would like to express how grateful I am to the alumni and donors for their support,” said Mauntel, who also attended Ohio State for her undergraduate education. “Such generosity shows how the alumni community is committed to supporting the future physicians from OSU. Your support through gifts and interactions with medical students is greatly appreciated.”
“My decision to become a doctor comes with a hefty price,” said Mauntel. “With the rising costs of tuition and living, I knew I would have to pay for medical school mostly on my own and mostly through accumulating debt. When I was awarded the Medical Alumni Society Scholarship, I was relieved not only because my financial burden would be reduced, but also because I was valued and supported by such an extensive network of Buckeye physicians. Receiving this scholarship showed me the kind of community I was joining and motivates me to one day reach back and help the students of tomorrow.”

Mauntel is not the only student burdened with the cost of medical education. In fact, Ohio State graduates average $157,000 of medical-school debt. That’s why Charles Lockwood, MD, Dean of the College of Medicine, is asking alumni to give to student scholarships. “Now more than ever, the College of Medicine needs your help to bolster student support and increase our ability to compete with peer institutions for the best and brightest medical students,” said Lockwood. “But for generous donors like you, many of today’s brightest young minds would not be able to pursue their passion for medicine.”

Giving to the OSU Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship Endowment is just one way alumni and supporters can “dot the i” in scholarship. The endowment was established in 2004 from a collective group of student scholarship funds and has been enthusiastically supported by medical alumni since. Each year, the revenue generated by this endowment is distributed to an outstanding entering student, based on academic achievement and financial need. To make a donation to the Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship, or another College of Medicine fund, please visit medicine.osu.edu/donate.


Posted on 31-Oct-12 by Rutan, Jessica
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