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Dr. Ronald Harter to Serve on ASA Council 


Harter Ronald L_2686.jpgDr. Ronald Harter, MD, recently took office as the Vice Speaker for the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).  Dr. Harter is a longstanding member of the ASA, having served in several capacities.  His election to the Vice Speaker role reflects not only his passion for the field of anesthesiology, but the recognition of that passion by his peers at the ASA.

Dr. Harter began at Ohio State as a faculty member in 1994.  He left OSU in 2002 to practice at Mount Carmel Medical Center but was successfully recruited back to OSU in 2007.  At that time, he held the role of Vice Chair for Education and Professional Development and  served as the Residency Program Director.  In 2009, he elevated to his current post as the Jay J. Jacoby, MD, PhD Professor and Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology.

ASA is one of the largest medical specialty organizations in the country with nearly 50,000 members.  Dr. Harter’s position as Vice Speaker places him on the Administrative Council of the ASA, making him the first Ohio anesthesiologist to service in this capacity in nearly 20 years.  Thus, Dr. Harter recognizes the significance of his unspoken role at the ASA as an ambassador of OSU and the opportunity he has to help OSU resonate nationally.

“As an Officer of ASA, it is my hope that this reflects positively on our department of anesthesiology at Ohio State.  We have a growing number of faculty who are establishing national reputations in our specialty, as evidenced by our growth from five associate professors to 12 in the past three years.  Having an OSU anesthesiologist as one of the Officers of ASA helps to further solidify our reputation at the national level.”

Aside from his ascension through the faculty ranks at OSU and his election to Vice Speaker, it is Dr. Harter’s commitment to and passion for anesthesiology that defines him.  He gravitated to anesthesiology as a medical student almost immediately because it provided the unique opportunity to deliver direct care to the patient on a daily basis.  As he dove more deeply into the field, he validated his initial interest.   He notes that, as he learned more about anesthesiology, “I was drawn to the opportunity for intense doctor-patient interactions, particularly in the pre-operative period, and the ability to directly and immediately intervene with the patient’s medical needs during surgery.”​


Posted on 13-Nov-12 by Geier, Eric
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