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Dr. Larry Schlesinger Recipient of Harrington Scholar-Innovator Grant 


Larry Schlesinger MD, Saslaw Professor of Medicine, recently received a $100,000 inaugural Harrington Scholar-Innovator Grant from the Harrington Discovery Institute.  The Institute is housed at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.  The grant program focuses on providing support to physicians’ efforts to accelerate promising drug discoveries and novel treatments for patients.  Ultimately, ten physician-scientists were selected from a wide pool of greater than 150 elite applicants nationally; Dr. Schlesinger’s award will further his research on tuberculosis (TB), specifically the development of a new class of anti-TB drugs that has the potential to shorten the duration of TB treatment.  TB threatens people world-wide, so Dr. Schlesinger’s research as part the Harrington Scholar-Innovator Grant will literally resonate across the globe.

“Being selected to receive this award will not only provide additional financial support to further the development of this new class of compounds to fight TB which is increasingly becoming more resistant to our current therapies, it will also provide new resources and opportunities to form partnerships with drug development experts in the private sector which is key in moving ideas from the bench to the bedside.”

Dr. Schlesinger has been a part of the Ohio State community since 2002, when he began as the Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine and founding Director of the University-wide Center for Microbial Interface Biology (CMIB).
  More recently he has become the first Chair of the new Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity in the College of Medicine and Director of the NIH-supported OSU Medical Scientist Training Program.  He is also Chair of the steering committee for the OSU Targeted Investment in Excellence program, Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases. His focus now is squarely on fundamental and applied research on infectious diseases that are of major concern to human health. 

“The infectious disease research community throughout the university has grown tremendously in recent years and is broadening its impact national and internationally. The CMIB drug discovery platform in infectious diseases complements a highly successful program in cancer and is part of a university-wide focus on new therapies to maintain health and wellness.” The Harrington grant focuses on a project that is in close collaboration with Dr. Ching-Shih Chen in the College of Pharmacy, a widely recognized leader in drug discovery efforts.

Dr. Schlesinger is internationally recognized for a career devoted to better understanding the human immune response to pathogens, specifically for his efforts as a physician-scientist in the pathogenesis of TB.
  While he has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies for nearly 25 years, this most recent award from the Harrington Institute affirms not only the caliber of Dr. Schlesinger’s research, but his intrinsic commitment to matters of global health.

As evidenced by his being named OSU’s 2011 Distinguished Scholar, Dr. Schlesinger translates his passion and intellect into discoveries that shape not only those whose personal health benefit from his efforts, but also the OSU students he mentors and teaches.

“The academic environment continues to fuel my curiosity and passion for creative problem solving as well as my desire to impart my knowledge to others. The scientific community at OSU has an outstanding cadre of dedicated and collaborative scientists, all working hard to make a difference in society and I am happy to be part of it.”


Posted on 13-Feb-13 by Geier, Eric
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