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2013 Distinguished Professor and Innovation Excellence Award Winners 


​The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine has begun presenting its 2013 faculty awards. Lauren Bakaletz, PhD; Ron Glaser, PhD; and David Schuller, MD, have received the College of Medicine’s Distinguished Professor awards, and Mark Moseley, MD, and Greg Wiet, MD, have received Innovation Excellence awards.

Lauren Bakaletz, PhD

Dr. Bakaletz is a Buckeye through and through. A full professor in the departments of Pediatrics and Otolaryngology, she attended OSU as an undergraduate, graduate and medical student and joined the OSU faculty in 1987. In a career defined by excellence and awards, a 2013 Distinguished Professor Award marks the culmination of a career that is rooted in research, teaching and mentoring.

Dr. Bakaletz’s research has been published numerous times. She has developed a vaccine to minimize ear infections that is currently in clinical trial. Dr. Bakaletz is active with the National Institutes of Health, and has mentored more than 60 trainees throughout her career.

In recommending her for this award, Dr. Bakaletz’s colleagues exhausted superlatives. There is a common thread that binds their glowing reviews together—they all see her as a visionary, able to think ahead and ask questions about her own research as well as the research of others.  This quest for excellence keeps Dr. Bakaletz on the leading edge of research and innovation.

Ron Glaser, PhD

Dr. Glaser is a professor in the Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics and director of the Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research. What defines Dr. Glaser’s career is the pioneering research he has done on the impact of stress on the immune system. In fact, his work in this area and on translational behavioral research is the preferred model of the Office of Behavioral Science at the National Institutes of Health.  

During his time at Ohio State, Dr. Glaser has received numerous awards. This is actually the second time he has earned the Distinguished Professor Award—he received it first in 1995. This demonstrates a continual and relentless devotion to efforts as a teacher and a mentor to future pioneers in the field.

David Schuller, MD

Dr. Schuller’s career is defined by professionalism, leadership and maximum effort. A graduate of Ohio State’s College of Medicine, Dr. Schuller began as a professor in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. After leading the OSU cancer program for nearly 20 years, in 2008 he was named vice president for Medical Center Expansion and Outreach. In this role, he drives the growth and development of the Medical Center.

Known by his colleagues for his passionate work ethic and absolute commitment to excellence, Dr. Schuller is a fundamental reason why the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute has earned international recognition. In a career marked by achievement and advancement , it may be his dual commitment to The Ohio State University and the fight against cancer that ultimately distinguishes Dr. Schuller.

Mark Moseley, MD

A graduate of Ohio State’s College of Medicine, Dr. Moseley is an associate professor of Emergency Medicine, the assistant chief operating officer for the OUS Health System and the vice chair for Clinical Affairs. Recognized in 2010 by Business First  one of the top 40 leaders under age 40 in the community, Dr. Moseley’s ambition and passion for emergency medicine are rivaled only by his commitment to his patients.

Dr. Moseley created and implemented the After Hours Clinic at Martha Morehouse. Opened in October, 2012, the Clinic came together after a year of planning, development and marketing, led by Dr. Moseley. The After Hours Clinic provides access via evening and weekend hours to folks who may not have otherwise had access to medical care. It has already proven to be cost-effective in delivering treatment.  For this accomplishment, Dr. Moseley is certainly well-deserving of the 2013 Innovation Excellence Award.

Greg Wiet, MD

Dr. Wiet completed his residency at The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine. He is now an associate professor of Otolaryngology and of Biomedical Informatics and the director of Pediatric Otolaryngology Research at OSU. He has mentored more than 20 students and counts more than 130 published works to his credit.

What defines Dr. Wiet as an innovator is his passion for surgical simulation. Nationally and internationally, he is considered an authority on the subject. One notable innovation that Dr. Wiet fostered is a virtual temporal bone surgical simulator, which has now been studied and noted around the globe. The Innovation Excellence Award recognizes Dr. Wiet’s accomplishments, as they echo across borders.​


Posted on 14-May-13 by Geier, Eric
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